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Spooked horse okay after incident

Jockey and trainer injured during horse incident at race track in Nicosia


A jockey and a trainer were injured at the race track on Saturday, following an incident with a horse in Nicosia’s Agios Dhometios borough.

According to police, a 24-year-old male was riding a horse at the race track during a training session Saturday morning, around 8:30am, when he reportedly lost control.

The circumstances of the equestrian incident were not immediately known, but reports said the jockey fell to the ground inside the track with the horse continuing to run. Reports said a 31-year-old trainer was also injured during the incident after he was struck by the spooked animal.

Both men were taken to a local hospital where the jockey was treated for minor injuries before being released, while the trainer was said to have sustained a skull fracture and underwent emergency surgery.

Horses are known to run away from danger rather than staying for a confrontation, but police did not provide details over the specific incident including the circumstances of the trainer’s injury.

An official report said the Agios Dhometios police station was hanlding the case while officials from the Labor office were also investigating the incident.

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