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Another refugee boat intercepted off Cyprus

One child in hospital after 21 presumptive refugees are allowed to disembark in Protaras


Syrian refugees on a boat that was blocked from disembarking were eventually on their way to Pournara migrant camp after reaching shore Wednesday morning, with one child hospitalized for unspecified reasons.

According to police, a boat with 21 souls on board was intercepted by a coast guard vessel on Wednesday early morning, around 2:44am, some ten nautical miles south east of Cape Greco.

Police said said there were five men, seven women, and nine children on board, while it was not specified how long the boat had been in the water or where it came from.

The boat accelerated when it came close to shore, where officers had been waiting, with police saying one child had to be transported to hospital

Local reports initially suggested the boat was intercepted after being spotted by radar, while it was decided that some women and children, who appeared to have been dehydrated, could be transported to a local hospital while the others remained on board.

An official statement from police said it was then decided that all passengers would be allowed to disembark, with a coast guard vessel escorting the boat to shore.

Reports said the migrant boat accelerated when it came close to shore, where Famagusta law enforcement agents were positioned and waiting.

Police told Knews that four women and all nine children received medical treatment at the local marina, adding that one child had to be transferred to Larnaca General Hospital for unspecified reasons.

Police said all undocumented migrants had been processed and their details registered with the state’s Migration office and stop list as well entered in Europol and Interpol databases.

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