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Another speed camera van shot at while on highway

Van driver on Cypriot highway says two people on motorcycle sped away after firing two shots


Larnaca police are investigating an incident where a speed camera van parked along the highway was shot at, according to the driver who said he saw two persons on a motorcycle speeding away.

According to police, a van equipped with a mobile traffic camera system was parked along the Rizoelia-Ayia Napa highway stretch outside Larnaca on Monday night, around 9:45pm, when the driver saw two persons on a dark motorcycle approaching the vehicle.

Police said the driver got out of the van and called authorities after spotting damages in the back of the vehicle

The incident took place between the Pyla and Xylotymbou exits, where the driver said he heard two loud bangs and saw the motorcycle speed away.

Police said the driver, who was not injured, then got out of the van and called authorities after he spotted damages in the back of the vehicle.

Officers who arrived at the scene determined that shots had been fired, adding that a hunting rifle appeared to have been used in the incident.

Two weeks ago a similar incident took place in rural Nicosia, when shots were fired at a traffic camera van also late at night with glass shuttering and injuring two employees who were on duty.

Police at the time said they were investigating attempted murder but no further details were provided regarding a suspected motive. Persons of interest have been questioned but no suspects ever emerged in the case.

According to police spokesperson Christos Andreou, law enforcement authorities were treating attacks on camera vans as “very serious.”

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