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Anti-corruption authority clears health official of allegations

Investigation finds no evidence to support anonymous complaint against Christina Giannakis


The Anti-Corruption Authority in Cyprus has dismissed an anonymous complaint alleging misconduct against Christina Giannakis, Director General of the Ministry of Health. The complaint accused Giannakis of falsely declaring her date of birth to delay her retirement and misrepresenting her proficiency in English during civil service recruitment.

The Authority, following its investigation, found no evidence to support the allegations, which it stated could potentially constitute corruption if proven true. Despite initial confidentiality, the complaint was leaked to the media before Giannakis was formally contacted by the Authority, prompting her and her legal representatives to provide detailed responses and documentation.

Key documents, including birth certificates, baptismal records, and educational diplomas, supported Giannakis's stated date of birth and qualifications. Additionally, a court decision affirmed her English language proficiency, citing requirements for her position as Director General.

In its final report, the Authority concluded that the anonymous complaint lacked merit and dismissed it in its entirety. Giannakis, who cooperated fully with the investigation, has not commented publicly on the matter since its dismissal.

The Authority's decision, published anonymously as per its transparency regulations, underscores its role in investigating allegations of corruption within public service appointments in Cyprus.


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