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Arab tourists face violence during Cyprus protest

Calls for unity and reflection after assaults on Arab tourists in Cyprus


Tourists of Arab origin were attacked during the recent protest against migrants on Friday. Kyriakos P. Kouros, the General Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, shared this confirmation on the "X" platform.

Mr. Kouros stated, "I received a message from an Arab ambassador yesterday. Some of their citizens, who were innocent visitors in our country, were caught up in the serious incidents in Limassol. They had to cut short their vacations and leave hastily, filled with fear. I doubt they will consider returning.

What's even more distressing is the thought of what they might say about us when they return to their home country. Our culture, which we have been proudly promoting for years as a tourist destination, is known for its timeless kindness, culture, and natural hospitality.

For the first time, I felt deeply embarrassed about such an incident occurring in our country. This isn't the Cyprus I was born in, grew up in, and started a family in. I'm growing old, and we shouldn't allow such terrible things to happen. Perhaps, beyond discussing who is responsible and what actions should be taken, it's time for us, as thoughtful members of this society, to engage in self-reflection. We need to identify where and how this dangerous situation is taking root. After all, the fundamental question that arises in such situations is whether creating the Cyprus we all desire is a shared responsibility?"

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