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Isolated rain and thunderstorms forecasted

Low pressure shifts winds and cloud cover in Nicosia


Residents in the Nicosia can expect changing weather conditions as a low-pressure system exerts its influence on the area. Here's a breakdown of the upcoming weather:

Today: The day will start with mostly clear skies, but as it progresses, expect the weather to turn partly cloudy with isolated showers and thunderstorms, primarily affecting the mountainous regions, inland areas, and the northern part of the region. Winds will predominantly blow from the southeast, occasionally shifting to the southwest, with a weak to moderate intensity ranging from 3 to 4 on the Beaufort scale. Sea conditions will be slightly agitated. Temperature-wise, it will rise to a high of 34 degrees Celsius inland, 31 degrees Celsius along the coast, and 26 degrees Celsius in the highest mountainous areas.

This Evening: Low clouds may intermittently roll in during the evening hours. Winds will shift to the southwest with occasional local variations, maintaining a 3 Beaufort intensity. Sea conditions will range from calm to slightly turbulent. As the night progresses, temperatures will cool down to around 18 degrees Celsius inland, approximately 20 degrees Celsius along the coast, and as low as 15 degrees Celsius in the highest mountainous areas.

Tuesday: Expect intervals of increased cloud cover during the day, with the likelihood of scattered showers, particularly in the mountainous regions, increasing as the afternoon unfolds.

Wednesday: The weather is anticipated to be predominantly clear during the day, but in the afternoon, some areas may experience localized cloud cover.

Thursday: Mostly clear skies are expected throughout the day.

Temperature-wise, there will be a gradual and slight increase over the three-day period, approaching typical seasonal values for this region.

Residents are advised to stay weather-aware and prepare for the changing conditions associated with this low-pressure system. Stay tuned for further updates as the weather continues to evolve.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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