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Are milk, meat and coffee still affordable?

How high have the prices risen on basic consumer goods in the last few days?

Source: CNA

According to the Consumer Protection Service's Price Observatory, price increases of up to 21% and price decreases of up to 13% were observed between September 14 and October 12.

Price increases due to seasonal factors totaled 65.5% for greenhouse cucumbers and 23.6% for tomatoes. 

More specifically, the data show that the largest increases in the same period were recorded for cheese by 21.4%, frozen by 10.8%, and coffee and cereals by more than 9%.

Despite the increases, several significant price decreases were observed in the same period, primarily in fresh fish prices by up to 13.1%, oils/seeds prices by up to 9.7%, frozen prices by up to 8.8%, and pasta prices by up to 6.4%.

The average selling price

According to the Price Observatory, the average selling price for fresh milk ranged from €1.56 to €3.03 on October 12.

The average price per grain of rice ranged from €1.52 to €5.79.

In addition, the average price of yogurt was €1.88 to €4.36, while the average price of coffee was €2.97 to €7.43.

The average price of flour/sugar/eggs was €1.21 to €2.71, while the average price of cheese was €1.72 to €7.58.

Cereals were priced between €2.38 and €3.75, while cold cuts were priced between €2.62 and €3.91.

The average price of canned food was €1.17 to €8.06, the average price of water was €2.34 to €3.00, and the average price of frozen food was €3.59 to €18.27.

Furthermore, on October 12, the average price of pasta ranged from €1.28 to €1.81, while the average price of vegetables ranged from €0.39 to €2.46.

The average price of fresh local meat ranged from €3.80 to €11.72, according to the Price Observatory, while the average price of fresh fish ranged from €8.96 to €23.07.

The average price of bakery products ranged from €1.28 to €1.95, while the average price of oils/seeds ranged from €0.47 to €12.84.

Finally, the cheapest price for a 10kg LPG cylinder (with the return of the empty cylinder) was €13.95 and the highest price was €17.0. Compared to 14 September 2022, the price shows an increase of 4.9%.

In a statement, the Consumer Protection Service clarifies that the Price Observatories are prepared solely for the purpose of assisting/general information of consumers and in no way constitute advice.

"The Price Watches are not intended to, and cannot, substitute for the market research that each consumer should conduct based on his/her own preferences, data, and needs," it adds. "The Price Watches are not intended to, and cannot, suggest to consumers the points of sale to choose."

It also states that "some of the products included in the Observatory suffer from qualitative differences that cannot be taken into account in the results of a Price Observatory," and that "the Consumer Protection Agency urges consumers to conduct meaningful market research before making purchases in order to find the products and prices that meet their requirements."

It is stated that this Watchdog is conducted monthly and includes fixed products and price-taking venues, and that "its purpose is to monitor the price fluctuation of basic consumer goods and draw relevant conclusions."

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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