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Are seasonal sellers really hot or cold?

Koursaris talks holiday discounts and sales trends


Stephanos Koursaris, the Secretary-General of the Pancyprian Organization of Craftsmen, Professionals, and Shopkeepers (POVEK), spoke on 'SPOR FM 95.0' and the show 'DIASPORA NEWS' about the movement of markets during the holidays and the discounts.

According to what he stated, necessities moved to a quite satisfactory degree, as well as toys, electrical and electronic items, and sports goods, while clothing and footwear lagged in sales.

Regarding the sell-offs, Mr. Koursaris said that they have already started, except for some businesses which will put discounts after the Christmas holidays.

He expressed the position that this year we will have quite good offers and advised the consumer to be suspicious and compare prices.

He pointed out that there are relevant laws that must be applied and that checks are being carried out by the competent service which identifies isolated cases of violations.

He stressed that the determination of discount introduction periods is mandatory in the market, as is the case in the rest of the EU countries, and expressed the opinion that the majority of businesses follow correct practices.

In response to when there are better discounts, Mr. Koursaris noted that certainly with the end of each seasonal season there is a necessity for the business to renew its stock, so it is in its own interest to reduce its prices.

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