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Negative COVID-19 tests and masks now required in select areas

Dr. Popi Kanari announces new COVID-19 measures following committee meeting

Newsroom / CNA

A meeting of the Scientific Monitoring Committee for Covid-19 under Minister of Health Dr Popi Kanari decided on Wednesday to introduce negative COVID-19 tests as well as the use of protective face masks in specific areas.

A press release by the Ministry of Health says that the meeting evaluated the situation as sub-strains of "Omicron 2" with the predominant strain JN.1, are on the rise in the general population and not in an epidemiological wave.

The meeting decided to introduce tests for persons over 12 years of age, a negative rapid antigen test for COVID-19 taken in the last 48 hours, or a negative laboratory test (PCR) for COVID-19 (also 48 hours) for visits to Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Outpatient Clinics, Dental Clinics, Closed Structures and places of accommodation for vulnerable groups.

It was also decided that the use of a protective face mask is mandatory for all employees as well as for visitors aged 12 and over, in the interior spaces of Nursing Homes and other structures for the care and accommodation of elderly and vulnerable groups as well as in hospital areas, in Outpatient Clinics, Dental Clinics of Public and Private hospitals, in Closed Structures and places for hosting vulnerable groups. It is noted that the above two measures will be included in a Decree which will be submitted tomorrow morning to the Council of Ministers.

It is added that the use of a protective face mask is mandatory for all positive cases in all places where they circulate and that vaccines can be administered to employees and residents of Nursing Homes, and other care structures for elderly and vulnerable groups through mobile vaccination units of the Ministry of Health. These last two measures are recommendations of the Scientific Monitoring Committee for Covid-19.

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