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Arrest made in 22-year-old linked to Limassol riots

Hooded hooligans wreak havoc


Last Wednesday night in Limassol, clashes erupted between Apollon and Omonia 29 May fans. New videos are surfacing, shedding light on the chaos that unfolded around 23:00.

The focal point? A 22-year-old wanted man arrested at the airport, adding a dramatic twist to the unfolding narrative.

The arrest was no ordinary apprehension; it occurred as the young man attempted to flee, triggered by an outstanding arrest warrant directly tied to the Limassol riots.

Police, on high alert, swiftly handcuffed the individual, setting the stage for a deeper investigation into the unsettling incidents.

Limassol CID is now delving into a web of criminal activities, including conspiracy, rioting, possession of explosives, and more, all stemming from the fateful night of November 15, 2023.

The investigation employs closed-circuit footage, statements from witnesses, and a meticulous search for clues to bring the rioters to justice.

The search is far from over, with the police actively seeking more individuals involved in the disturbing events. Released photographs of potential participants are part of a public plea for assistance.

Residents are urged to contact the Limassol Police Station or the Citizen's Contact Line with any information that could aid in identifying the culprits.

The chronicle of the case paints a grim picture: hooded hooligans armed with sticks, bats, Molotov cocktails, and flares wreaked havoc, causing panic in the area.

The fallout included a 21-year-old hospitalized with a fractured elbow, a vehicle reduced to ruins, and adjacent properties suffering damage. Limassol remains on edge as the investigation unfolds, unraveling the threads of a tumultuous night that left a community shaken.

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