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Asylum seekers spotted in east Nicosia

Mixed group of undocumented migrants including unaccompanied teens apprehended in Pallouriotissa


A diverse group of undocumented migrants was spotted in eastern Nicosia on Thursday morning, with police saying a pregnant woman among them was taken to hospital.

According to local media, 21 people are believed to have entered the Republic of Cyprus illegally and crossed from north to south, where they were apprehended in Nicosia by law enforcement officials Thursday early morning around 4am.

Police told Knews the group was spotted in Pallouriotissa, east Nicosia, with additional media reports saying the undocumented migrants were found near the SOPAZ area. 

Sources also told Knews there were several unaccompanied minors in their upper teens in the group, described as people from a number of states including Bangladesh, Nepal, as well as a number of African countries.

Police said the presumptive refugees were escorted to a reception facility while a pregnant woman in the group was taken to hospital as a precaution for health safety reasons.

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