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01 June, 2020
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Twelve refugees rescued off Larnaca

Commercial ship changes course to rush to the rescue of twelve undocumented migrants


Twelve presumptive refugees have been rescued off the coast of Larnaca, after a passing ship veered off course to pick them up on Thursday afternoon.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, an ungoverned boat with twelve undocumented migrants was spotted 57 nautical miles off the Larnaca coast on Thursday around 1:15pm.

Coast Guard officials were alerted to the incident while a commercial ship in the area also changed course and headed towards the vessel.

Two of the twelve refugees were said to be in the water when the ship approached the vessel, which picked up all twelve and waited until a Coast Guard boat came to collect them.

CNA reported that eleven men and one woman were later received by state authorities around 7:15pm. Additional reports said the undocumented migrants were expected to be trasferred to Kokkinotrimithia reception facility in rural Nicosia.

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