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Panic averted at Larnaca airport

Incident fails to spark panic at Larnaca airport following minor explosion inside trash can


Security officers at Larnaca Airport said there was no mal intent behind a minor explosion in a trash can outside a terminal entrance.

Local media reported that a minor blast took place on Thursday inside a trash can located on one of the footbridges outside the terminal at Larnaca International Airport.

The explosion, which took place in the afternoon around 5:30pm, was described as a minor incident. Officials said a nitrous oxide canister, commonly known as laughing gas, had been discarded in a metal trash can and exploded after it overheated by a lit cigarette.

The cigarette was reportedly thrown in the trash can while it was not initially clear whether it had remained in the smoking receptacle on top or came into contact with the rest of the garbage.

Later findings pointed to a lit cigarette that was left in the smoking receptacle but caused heat to transfer into the rest of the trash can.

No mal intent was suspected according to officials, while reports said there was concern over the incident but no commotion or delays of any kind.

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