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Athens offices of Predator spyware seller raided

Greek police raid offices of Predator spyware seller Intellexa

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

The Athens offices of Intellexa, which sells the Predator spyware in Greece, and Krikel, an ICT and electronic security systems provider, were among six companies raided by police as part of the investigation into the wiretapping affair on Tuesday.

Two other companies which share offices with the aforementioned companies or have the same shareholders were also raided by officers from the police’s cybercrime division.

The raids also targeted the homes of executives of all six companies.

The prosecutors who ordered the raids were acting on evidence and documents that emerged in recent days, including in reports in Sunday’s Documento newspaper, as well as other information.

It is also understood that prosecutors have submitted official requests for documents from the National Intelligence Service (EYP) to confirm media reports that major public figures, such as Chief of the National Defense General Staff chief Konstantinos Floros, were under surveillance.

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