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Atmospheric shifts paint a picture-perfect weekend

Winds serenade coastal communities with gentle gusts


A gentle shift in atmospheric pressure is poised to grace the region, heralding a gradual dispersal of dust particles from the air, with occasional upticks in concentration expected to dissipate by Sunday.

Today's outlook promises predominantly clear skies, with the added charm of increasing medium and high-level cloud cover as the day progresses.

Winds will dance from northeast to southeast, maintaining a light to moderate breeze, peaking at 4 on the Beaufort scale, with sporadic bursts of vigor, particularly along southwestern and select northern coastlines. Seas will display a gentle ripple, perfect for coastal activities.

Temperatures will hover around a delightful 22 degrees Celsius inland and along the coast, with a refreshing 15 degrees Celsius greeting those at higher elevations.

Tonight, the skies will intermittently don a cloak of clouds, lending an enchanting atmosphere with medium and high-level cloud formations. Winds will serenade predominantly from northeast to southeast, occasionally dancing with variability, remaining light to moderate at 3 to 4 on the Beaufort scale, especially in the pre-dawn hours.

Seas will mimic a tranquil rhythm, later embracing a subtle liveliness in eastern waters. Temperatures will embrace a cozy retreat to around 5 degrees Celsius inland, approximately 9 degrees Celsius along southeastern and northern coastlines, about 11 degrees Celsius along other coastal regions, and a crisp 6 degrees Celsius in elevated terrains.

Saturday's forecast paints a canvas of predominantly clear skies, with the later hours hinting at an enchanting interplay of clouds in the west, offering a chance for isolated showers and the occasional thunderstorm, mainly in western and northern locales.

Sunday's journey unfolds with a gradual emergence of isolated showers or thunderstorms. Monday, adorned with locally increased cloud cover, may gift fleeting showers post-noon, especially gracing mountainous landscapes.

In the realm of temperatures, Saturday maintains its inviting embrace, standing above average for this time of year, while Sunday graciously descends to meet seasonal norms. Monday, in its gentle ascendancy, invites a subtle rise in temperatures, heralding the advent of a new week.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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