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Auditor General's dismissal hearing postponed

Attorney General requests delay as legal objections await consideration

Apostolis Tomaras

Apostolis Tomaras

The first official hearing on Attorney General George Savvidis' request to dismiss Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides has been postponed. The Auditor General's legal team informed the Judicial Council that they were not prepared to address pre-trial objections and requested additional time.

The Judicial Council, with the Attorney General's agreement, granted the postponement, rescheduling the hearing for next Wednesday, May 29. The Attorney General's side plans to raise two preliminary issues: questioning the jurisdiction over the request to suspend the Auditor General and asserting that the request is manifestly unfounded.

During the morning proceedings, Judge Nicholas Sandis requested to be excused due to a conflict of interest, as his son works at the law firm representing the Auditor General.

Attorney General Savvidis, accompanied by his lawyers Dinos Kallis and Leandros Papafilippou, declined to comment on the proceedings, citing the ongoing nature of the case. The Auditor General was represented by lawyers Joe Triantaphyllides and Christos Clerides.

[This article was translated and edited for clarity]


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