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Averof: 'She never dreamed of becoming Cyprus's second highest official'

Controversy surrounds Averof Neofytou's statements on Annita Demetriou's rise to power


Averof Neofytou, a prominent member of the Democratic Rally party (DISY), recently provided insights into the political journey of Annita Demetriou during an interview on the show "LegalMatters" with lawyer Christoforos Christofis. Demetriou's ascent to her dual roles as President of the House of Representatives and the Democratic Rally has been a significant development in Cypriot politics.

Neofytou addressed allegations that he had undermined Demetriou's political career, vehemently denying such claims. "Even in her wildest dreams, she would not have seen herself as the second highest-ranking official of the Republic of Cyprus," Neofytou stated. "She justified my choice and is a very good President of the House."

Reflecting on the pivotal decisions that shaped the party's leadership, Neofytou remarked, "If I hadn't withdrawn my candidacy for re-election, would Annita be the president of DISY? It is outrageous for someone to be in certain positions due to certain actions of Averof Neofytou."

Neofytou's comments shed light on the strategic moves within the party that facilitated Demetriou's rise. His decision to step back from seeking re-election played a crucial role in paving the way for her leadership.

Demetriou's leadership has been a topic of much discussion and analysis in Cypriot political circles. Her ability to navigate the complex landscape of Cypriot politics and emerge as a leading figure is a testament to her political acumen and the strategic decisions made by key figures within DISY.

As President of the House of Representatives, Demetriou holds a significant position in the Cypriot government, being second in the line of authority after the President of the Republic. Her role in the Democratic Rally further cements her influence in shaping the party's future direction.

Neofytou's interview on "LegalMatters" provides a nuanced perspective on the internal dynamics of DISY and highlights the collaborative efforts that have defined its recent history. The conversation underscores the importance of strategic leadership decisions in the ever-evolving landscape of Cypriot politics.


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