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Mother's shocking revelation in high-profile case

Independent investigators appointed with three-month deadline to solve 2005 mystery


The mother of Thanasis Nikolaou, who was found dead in 2005, revealed shocking details about her son's condition and the ongoing investigation during an interview with Alpha Cyprus on the show "24 Hours."

Mrs. Andriana Nikolaou, visibly shaken, disclosed that her son's leg had been cut off. After persistent efforts, she managed to obtain the clothes her son was wearing when he was discovered. "When I brought them home and saw that they were bloody, I took the sock on the right, it was dripping blood," she recounted.

The case, which has remained unsolved for nearly two decades, is now under the scrutiny of two independent criminal investigators appointed by the Council of Ministers. The investigators, lawyer Thanasis Athanasiou and retired Greek Police Lieutenant General Athanasios Pappas are tasked with determining the cause of death and identifying any actionable acts or omissions during the initial investigations.

"There are testimonies, they are well-known faces that's why there has been so much cover-up," Mrs. Nikolaou stated, hinting at possible high-level interference in the case but did not elaborate further.

The investigators received their terms of reference on Tuesday, May 21. Athanasiou spoke to the media on Wednesday morning, detailing the scope of their inquiry. "We have received in writing the terms of reference of the appointment and to report to you that the terms are to conduct inquiries in relation to the circumstances of the death of Athanasios Nikolaou, who was found dead on 29/9/2005 near the bridge of Alassa in Limassol and any actionable acts or omissions that occurred during the investigations made regarding the causes of death," he said.

Athanasiou also highlighted the three-month deadline set by the President for the completion of the investigation. He emphasized that no further public statements would be made unless deemed necessary. "We must inform you that in these terms, the Presidency has instructed us that this inquiry be completed within three months. We have agreed with Mr. Pappas that no further public statements will be made. If the need arises during the investigation of the case, we will probably issue an official statement," Athanasiou noted.

The appointment of the independent investigators and the stringent deadline underscores the high-profile nature of the case and the ongoing demand for justice and transparency in the death of Thanasis Nikolaou.

[With information from 24NEws]

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