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Authorities probe infant abuse by unlicensed childcare worker

Investigations underway into cases involving infants allegedly mistreated by caregiver without proper credentials


Authorities are actively investigating the alleged abuse of infants by an unlicensed childcare worker, prompting the Chief of Police to issue directives for an intensified probe. An investigative team has been established to delve into the incidents.

According to Police spokesman Christos Andreou, the first case involves a 7-month-old infant, initially reported in June 2022. Although the parents made a report, they later declined to provide a statement or consent. The infant underwent examination by a forensic pathologist.

The second incident, reported on October 1, 2022, involves a 19-month-old infant. Mr. Andreou stated that investigations into this case have been completed. The third case, concerning a 6-month-old infant, was reported on October 14, 2023.

As the investigation proceeds, Mr. Andreou outlined the next steps, stating, "An investigative team has already been set up to review all the incidents from the beginning and to re-approach the parents in the first case who did not want to give a statement."

Highlighting the challenges of the investigation, he emphasized that infants, being unable to communicate, present difficulties. The only available testimony is from the childminder. Government doctors examined the two infants, and the focus of the police investigation was to determine whether the injuries were maliciously inflicted or resulted from intentional or negligent actions by the childminder.

Mr. Andreou provided details on the infants' conditions, noting, "The 19-month-old infant had some marks on his head and various parts of his body. He was examined by a doctor and discharged immediately. The six-month-old infant had some bumps on the head and was hospitalized for a few days."

It is noteworthy that the childminder appears not to possess a valid license for her profession.

[Source: 24News]


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