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Authorities report 107 new cases

The majority, 73, of cases involved contacts of other known cases, while new cases are popping up through the program targeting employees falling under the travel ban exception categories


107 new coronavirus cases were detected in the Republic of Cyprus on Monday, when 3,679 tests were conducted, raising the total 7,285.

According to the health ministry, 73 of Monday’s cases involved contacts, six were people who took the initiative to get tested, nine were tested at general hospitals, while two more involved people who were tested as part of special health groups or after being referred for testing by their GP.

An additional eight involved arrivals at Cyprus airports, three were detected through the sampling program targeting nursing homes, while one Limassol resident, one Paphos resident, and two Nicosia residents tested positive to the program targeting employees falling under exception categories to the Limassol and Paphos travel bans.

Two more new cases involved residents of the Arsos village.

The Famagusta general hospital is currently treating 55 coronavirus cases, of which six are in the ICU. Nine more coronavirus patients are receiving treatment in the Nicosia general hospital ICU, of which three are not intubated. An additional 11 are in the hospital’s coronavirus ward.

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