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Barron Trump named Florida delegate for Republican National Convention

The former President's youngest son takes on a high-profile role in GOP as the National convention approaches


In a notable step into the political arena, Barron Trump, the youngest child of former President Donald Trump, is set to assume a significant role as one of Florida's at-large delegates to the Republican National Convention. This announcement marks a departure from Barron's relatively private life, as he approaches his high school graduation next week. The decision, revealed by the Republican Party of Florida, underscores the Trump family's enduring influence within the GOP, with Barron joining his older siblings Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., as well as his sister Tiffany, as delegates for the convention.

While Barron has largely remained out of the political limelight, his upcoming graduation drew attention during his father's recent New York trial, where the former president's legal team successfully argued for his attendance at the ceremony. The Trump family's involvement extends beyond Barron, with Eric Trump leading the Florida delegation and other prominent figures, including Kimberly Guilfoyle, Michael Boulous, Pam Bondi, and Ike Perlmutter, among the approved RNC at-large delegates.

Florida's strong alignment with the Trump legacy, exemplified by the party's support for the former president over their own governor, Ron DeSantis, underscores the continued influence of the Trump family within the state's Republican Party. Despite DeSantis' presidential aspirations, Florida party officials have signaled their backing for Trump's potential bid. This decision highlights the intricate dynamics shaping the GOP landscape ahead of the 2024 election.

[Source: NBC News]

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