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Bicycle subsidies for Cyprus

Announcement from the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Works

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works announces that on November 1, 2021 it will launch the first electronic platform through which citizens can apply for a subsidy to purchase a new non-electric bicycle.  This will apply to anyone living in Cyprus, including the disabled population, provided they meet the requirements during the application process.

You can access the website at

Upon applying online, interested applicants must provide the following information:

1) Applicant details: Name, Address and Postal Code, Contact Phones, Email Address, Identity Card Number (in case of disabled the disabled ID number will be stated).

2) In order to confirm the above information, applicants must attach, along with the application, the following:

- A copy of utility in the name of the applicant with a date not exceeding 6 months from the date of submission of the application or certificate of community for permanent residence. Utility bills will also be accepted in cases where they are in the name of persons of first degree kinship with the applicant (spouse and children),

- Copy of ID card (both sides)

- In cases of Cypriot or permanently residing Students, a certificate must be submitted by the educational institution they are attending that they are completing their studies.

- In cases of non-Cypriot citizens the following must be submitted:

- EU citizens and their family members who have secured registration form MEU1, MEU2 and MEU3 (Yellow Slip),
- Citizens of the United Kingdom under the Agreement Apochorisis- Registration MUKW1, MUKW2 and MUK3,
- third-country nationals, family members of Cypriot Citizenship: Residence permit valid Family member of a Cypriot citizen-CY.
- Third-country nationals long-term residents - Long Term Permit
- LT - Third-country nationals with immigration permit - Immigration Permit
- IP - Third-country nationals with recognized refugee status - IPA Recognized Refuge .

*Incomplete applications, applications without the required documents or applications with incorrect attachments will not be accepted and will be rejected. It is also noted that no additional documents will be accepted after an application is submitted, in other words, all applications must have all relevant and correct documentation attached before final submission.

Applications will be examined on a first come first served basis.

Applicants who are approved for a subsidy will receive an update and an approval code via email. They may then purchase the bicycle, after which they will need to upload the proof of purchase onto the platform in order to receive the subsidy payment.

In order to secure the grant, successful applicants must submit the following after purchasing the bicycle:

1) Bicycle supplier invoice which will include:

Supplier details (company name and registration number, tax identification number, company
address and contact details)
-Buyer details (name, address and contact details) -Bicycle type and sale price including VAT

2) Receipt of invoice payment

Supplier details (company name and registration number, tax identification number, company
address and contact details)
-Buyer details (name, address and contact details) -Bicycle type and sale price including VAT

3) Bicycle photo

4) Bicycle specifications from the point of sale to confirm that it meets the minimum required specifications

5) Completion and sending of the original Payment Authorization Form to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before the deadline for submission of the necessary payment documents, in case the applicant is not registered with FIMAS or wishes to change the details of the declared account. This form must be accompanied by a photocopy of part of the bank account balance or a certificate from the Bank, showing the name of the Bank, the account holder/holder and the international account number (IBAN-International Bank Account Number), to confirm the information stated in that authorization. It is understood that the bank account will be in the name of the beneficiary.

Bank Account details must be submitted by hand or by registered mail or by private courier, to the following address:

- Accounting and Financial Management Department
28 Achaion, Agios Andreas, 1424 Nicosia

Note: Upon receipt, the date and time of receipt of the account details must be recorded and a copy must be given to the applicant (sealed snippet).

6) Responsible Statements

- Responsible statement of supplier and buyer with which it will be certified that the bicycle meets the provisions of Article 5 of the Law on Regulation of Bicycle Traffic of 2018 (19 (I) / 2018).
-Responsible Statement that the above information is true and authorization to verify them.
- Consent to use the personal data of the applicant for the purposes of the application.

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