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Calls to end uncontrolled garbage disposal

EU fines if not implemented

Source: CNA

Cypriot citizens will once again be burdened with financial sanctions imposed by the EU if regulations against uncontrolled garbage disposal are not implemented.

In a statement, the Cyprus Recycling organization claims that "the incomplete and/or non-existent supervision of the implementation of the relevant Legislation, by those responsible, will ultimately result in the imposition of financial sanctions in the Republic of Cyprus".

The organization is calling for immediate and effective measures to end uncontrolled and illegal dumping of waste in unlicensed sites and is in favor of any effort that aims to bring about and/or improve the proper observance and implementation of the relevant Legislation in order to protect the natural environment.

"We believe that the existence of these problems is created primarily by the insufficient and/or insignificant control by the Department of the Ministry reponsible and there is a need to intensify controls for the implementation of the Legislation, both in urban and rural areas."

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