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Biden's approval hits record low as Trump gains momentum

Trump leads GOP nomination race by 50 points despite legal challenges


In a recent Wall Street Journal poll, Donald Trump takes a lead over Joe Biden for the 2024 presidential election, marking a pivotal moment in the race.

According to a report on The Guardian, the survey exposes Biden's lowest approval rating, aligning with other studies, causing concern among Democrats close to the upcoming polls.

Trump leads Biden by four points in a head-to-head matchup, reaching 47% to 43%, a significant shift in favor of the former president.

When third-party candidates are considered, Trump's lead expands to six points at 37-31%.

Despite Biden's expressed intent for a second term, concerns within the Democratic party about his age and the recent indictment of Hunter Biden on nine criminal tax charges in California pose additional hurdles to his re-election.

While Trump leads the Republican nomination race, his own legal challenges, including four concurrent criminal cases, create uncertainty.

Biden, at a recent fundraiser, criticized Trump for his actions during the Capitol riot, branding them as "despicable" and emphasizing Trump's alleged embrace of political violence.

The WSJ survey sparks alarm among Democrats, but cautionary voices warn against overinterpreting negative polls as indicators of future events.

The figures indicate dissatisfaction with Biden among Democrats, yet there remains a possibility of continued support on election day, particularly if Trump emerges as the Republican candidate.

The evolving dynamics of the 2024 election keep both parties on their toes.

[With information sourced from The Guardian]

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