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British woman escapes fire in Paphos

Preliminary findings in a Paphos apartment fire point to an electric blanket as the cause


A British senior citizen managed to escape a fire in her apartment in Paphos, where preliminary findings pointed to an electric blanket as the likely cause.

According to media reports, a fire broke out Thursday night around 10:30pm inside a flat on the second-floor of an apartment building in Paphos.

The resident, described as an elderly British woman, had managed to escape the fire as two fire trucks rushed to the scene and took control of the situation.

After the fire was quickly put out, investigators examined the flat and found extensive damages in the bedrooms but also in other parts of the residence.

Preliminary findings pointed to the use of an electric blanket as the likely cause of fire, while fire department officials were scheduled to return to the flat on Friday to confirm their findings.

The woman was reportedly in good health following the incident. 

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