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13 June, 2024
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Buckle up for a day of thunderstorms, hail, and fun in the sky!

Localized showers and isolated thunderstorms are the stars of the show


Hey there, weather enthusiasts! It's time for a dose of weather fun! Today, we've got a yellow warning in the house, and it's all set to paint the skies with excitement from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm.

Here's the scoop: We're looking at some wild action up in the sky. Isolated thunderstorms are throwing a party, mainly in the inland and mountainous areas. Oh, and guess what? Hail might just make a surprise appearance too! Rainfall is all set to show off with a range of 35 to 55 mm per hour. So, grab your umbrellas, folks!

Now, let's break it down:

We'll kick off the day with a partly cloudy vibe, and there's a chance of isolated showers, especially on the west and northern coasts.

By the afternoon, things will get mostly cloudy, and guess what's coming? Yep, you guessed it! Localized showers and isolated thunderstorms are the stars of the show, mainly in the mountains and inland. Don't forget to dodge those hailstones if you're in the storm zone!

Windy vibes will be blowing mainly from southwest to northwest, ranging from light to moderate (3 to 4 Beaufort). Occasionally, on the southern coast, it might rev up to strong (5 Beaufort).

The sea will have a little dance, going from a little choppy to choppy, especially offshore.

Temperatures will soar to around 30 degrees in the interior, south, and east coasts. It'll be a comfy 28 degrees on the west and north coasts, while those hanging out in the higher mountains can expect a cool 18 degrees.

As the day winds down, the weather will become partly cloudy again. Isolated showers are likely, especially along the coast.

The winds will change direction, going from northwest to northeast, and on the northern coast, they'll swing southeast. It'll be a light breeze at 3 Beaufort.

The sea will start with a bit of a buzz, going from a little choppy to eventually calm to a little choppy.

As the night falls, temperatures will cool down to around 17 degrees inland, 19 degrees on the coast, and a brisk 10 degrees up in the higher mountains.

Tuesday promises a mix of partly cloudy and mostly cloudy moments, with local showers and isolated thunderstorms, mainly after midday. Get ready for some intense weather action!

Wednesday and Thursday will keep things interesting with partly cloudy skies and afternoon showers, mainly in the mountains. Expect temperatures to hover around average climatic values.

Stay weather-wise, folks, and don't forget your umbrellas and rain boots!

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