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Cabinet approves booster jab for those vaccinated with J&J

Extends restrictive measures until 9th of November

Shemaine Bushnell Kyriakides

The Cabinet today announced the extension of existing COVID preventive measures until November 9 and the initiation of booster shots for people vaccinated with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

According to a statement, the measures were extended as a precaution due to the start of the winter period and the expected seasonal outbreak of the flu.  Moreover, there was concern about the prevailing sitauation throughout Europe and the reinstatement of strict restrictive measures.  Based on the epidemiological data in Cyprus, the measures will be re-evaluated on Novemeber 9th and adjusted accordingly.

The Cabinet also decided to begin providing booster shots for people vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  The boosters will be available to persons aged 60 years and older, persons belonging to vulnerable groups (listed on the Ministry of Health's website), health professionals, and residents and workers of nursing homes.

Individuals of the above groups will have the choice of getting their booster from one of the following: Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna.

It is important to note that a period of 6 months must have elapsed since their last vaccination in order to receive the booster shot.

Further details on the start of the booster procedure will be published in the coming days.

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