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Mini earthquake shakes Cyprus

Weak magnitude quake with epicenter in Limassol district felt across districts


A mini earthquake was recorded in Limassol district on Wednesday morning, with reports suggesting tremors were felt in other districts too.

According to Cyprus’ Geological Survey Department, a weak magnitude earthquake was picked up by seismographs Wednesday morning at 7:53am, registering 3.3 points on the Richter scale with epicenter in Gerasa, a village in rural Limassol near mountain foothills.

An official said in the last 20 years there were a thousand earthquakes in the area, noting it is 'difficult to know when a big one might strike'

Reports from online users ranged from having felt the earthquake while in bed to a few seconds of two or three shakes felt in upper floors of buildings.

“Jumped out of bed, scared for a bigger one,” one user said.

There were no immediate reports of aftershocks from the earthquake, while the official magnitude was listed as 3.4 by the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre.

An official from Geological Survey reported the depth of the earthquake was 15 km, noting in the last 20 years there were a thousand earthquakes in the area, saying it is "difficult to know when a big one might strike."

Local media said the earthquake was felt in other parts including areas in Paphos and Nicosia, while there were no reports of any damages.


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