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Aftershocks rock Crete this morning

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The situation in Arkalochori worsened when another aftershock measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale hit the island a few minutes before 8 am this morning.

According to the Deputy Mayor of Administrative and Financial Services of the Municipality of Minoa - Pediados, Ms. Olga Dramountani, there appeared new damages in buildings that were already affected by yesterday's quake.

The aftershock was felt in the wider area of ​​the municipality of Minoa - Pediados and in several parts of Eastern Crete where citizens took to the streets in fear of the strong tremors.

Speaking to, the deputy mayor of Social Protection, Education and Culture, Ioannis Drakakis, stressed that today the buildings in the municipality are expected to be examined by the engineers of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, while the residents have been asked not to approach the affected buildings.

As he said "the phenomenon is evolving, with constant vibrations during the night" and added that the residents who could not go to their homes slept in tents and hotels in the area and ate normally.

For his part, the mayor of Viannos, Minas Stavrakakis, pointed out, speaking to, that the situation is under control, while when asked about the 5.4 magnitude earthquake, he noted that no major problems occurred and that the investigation is ongoing.

Asked about the situation in the municipality of Viannos, Mr. Stavrakakis stressed that there were not many problems in relation to the neighboring area of ​​Minoa - Pediados, except for some minor damage to houses and landslides on roads.

Difficult night for the inhabitants - Dozens of earthquakes

At the same time, it was a difficult night for the inhabitants of the island, who are still trying to overcome the shock of the 5.8 magnitude earthquake, which struck the area of ​​Arkalochori and cost the life of a man.

An entire Health Center was set up inside an army tent and has been placed outside the Arkalochori Health Center, in order to cover the possible needs that will arise, if the building of the KY is deemed unsuitable for use by the engineers.

According to the commander of the 7th Ministry of Health of Crete, Lena Borboudaki, the tent has all the necessary equipment for dealing with emergencies.

"In cases where oxygen therapy is needed or for any other reason where the individual cannot remain in the tents set up at the exhibition center, the Health Center will be ready to treat them.  The Health Center tent was erected in the middle of the night and we are ready if and when citizens need hospitalization, according to the Commander of the 7th Ministry of Health of Crete.

However, according to Ms. Borboudaki, 2 citizens of Arkalochori were admitted to hostpital due to serious chronic illness.  The decision waas made for the safety of the patients.

Meanwhile, aftershocks continue to rock the island, according to the Geodynamic Institute of the National Observatory of Athens.

EL.AS denies reports of looting

In a statement, the Greek Police emphasized that no incidents of looting from houses have been reported, nor have they been confirmed.

"Regarding reports on a television station about incidents of theft from the homes of earthquake victims of the Heraklion Regional Unit, it is announced that such incidents have not been reported to the police authorities, nor have they been ascertained by the patrolling police forces and therefore are not true. The General Regional Police Directorate of Crete, from the first moment, has taken increased measures of order and security in the earthquake-stricken areas to provide all necessary assistance and support to the residents and to prevent any kind of illegal actions," according to Hellenic Police.

In particular, according to yesterday's announcement by the Headquarters of the Hellenic Police, "By order of the Chief, Lieutenant General Michael Karamalakis, increased measures of order and safety have been taken from the first moment, in the earthquake-stricken areas of the Regional Unit of Heraklion, Crete. For this purpose, the Heraklion Police Directorate has 24 patrols every 8 hours with 46 police officers in the wider area of ​​the Municipality of Minoa - Pediada, while in the other Municipalities of the Regional Unit of Heraklion, 22 patrols with 44 police officers are available every 8 hours ".



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