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Calm before storm as cyclone approaches

Mixed weather through Saturday afternoon but Carmel will show teeth late at night


Unstable weather conditions are affecting Cyprus on Friday with cyclone Carmel approaching from the west expected to make landfall Saturday night.

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A low pressure system developing over Rhodes and moving southeastward to Cyprus is gathering force due to unstable air mass in the atmosphere that has been affecting the region over the last few days.

Weather warnings are expected to be issued for the late weekend as showers, powerful winds, and heavy thunderstorms will be intense and protracted due to Carmel, with biggest impact on the coast

Greek and Israeli weather officials are calling the depression “Carmel” which is expected to wreak havoc on Cyprus from late night Saturday through Monday afternoon with heavy rains, powerful winds, and thunderstorms that will be both long and intense.

Friday skies will be mixed with sunshine at times punctuated by periods of cloud formations and chances of local showers and thunderstorms.

Strong winds are expected in the daytime when temperature highs will reach 18 degrees Celsius inland and along the coast while it will be 7 high up in the mountains.

Evening skies will be cloudy with chances of local showers and thunderstorms, while very strong westerly and southwesterly winds are expected in parts of the island. Temperature lows will drop to 7 degrees inland, around 10 in the south and east, around 13 in the north and west, while it will be zero (0) higher up where frost is expected to form overnight.

Carmel makes landfall Saturday late night

Saturday skies in the daytime will remain mixed with periods of sunshine and cloudy weather along with chances of showers and thunderstorms, while heavy clouds will move around midnight signaling severe weather ahead.

Weather officials said they expect to issue warnings for the weekend as showers, powerful winds, and heavy thunderstorms will be intense and protracted due to Carmel, which is expected to have a bigger impact along the coast.

Monday conditions will continue to remain unstable with showers and thunderstorms in the early part of the day, while a noticeable improvement is expected in the afternoon.

Snow is expected over the next few days high up in the mountains while over temperature levels will drop slightly on Monday to reach levels below normal averages.

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