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Candidates continue campaigning both inside and outside of Cyprus

A rundown of the latest events in the race to the Presidency in 2023

Source: CNA

Candidates for the Presidency of the Republic continue their activities both inside and outside of Cyprus. The candidates and their teams analyzed their positions and alluded to issues of concern to citizens as well as current events.

According to a press release by Melpo Pittara, only the DISY presidential candidate can guarantee that the country will be prosperous, providing our children with the present and future they deserve.

She referred to a resolution passed by a majority of Parliament last Friday in honor of the Greek military junta's coup in 1974, which included condemning references to General Grivas.

Candidate Nicos Chritodoulides and the parties that support him have stated that he speaks of unity, but that he and AKEL have decided to highlight the divisions of the past.

Andreas Mavroyiannis, an independent candidate, met with members of the Cyprus Theatre Organizations Federation as well as the Cyprus Building Contractors Association (OSEOK) on Wednesday.

During the first meeting, he was briefed on the issues that people in the theatre sector face, such as grant red tape, but also the recent marginalization of culture in general. During the "constructive" exchange of views during his meeting with OSEOK, Mavroyiannis "emphasized that when the construction sector prospers, Cyprus also prospers."

Mavroyiannis stated at a bicommunal gathering on Tuesday at the Home for Cooperation that it is our duty to put an end to the island's antiquated situation. Mavroyiannis emphasized the importance of a solution based on a bicommunal, bizonal federation with political equality during the discussion with Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

The political office of candidate Nicos Christodoulides announced a joint campaign of four candidates for the presidency of the Republic for voter registration in the electoral rolls, noting that there was a positive response from the teams of candidates Andreas Mavroyiannis, Achilleas Demetriades, and Giorgos Colocassides to the public invitation addressed by his team on this matter.

As a result, the first meeting has already taken place, with representatives from the four candidates' teams present, during which proposals on how to conduct the joint campaign to explain the importance of young people participating in electoral processes have been developed, as there are only a few days until the deadline for registering new voters on December 27, 2022.

In a written statement issued on Wednesday, independent presidential candidate Achilleas Demetriades stated that Cyprus "deserves better" and that he intends to stay in politics in order to address major issues that concern citizens, such as the "Honest State" and a United Cyprus.

Regarding the Cyprus issue, Demetriades suggests that the six points of the June 30, 2017 Guterres Framework be used as a strategic agreement. This is something that President Anastasiades and his three close associates who are currently vying for citizens' votes have failed to do, he said, adding that the three "main" candidates have demonstrated their inability to propose convincing solutions to citizens' everyday problems.

On Tuesday, Demetriades presented his positions at a gathering in central Athens attended by overseas Cypriots, where he discussed the three main pillars of his governance: 'Honest State,' 'Cyprus 2035,' and a 'Cyprus Solution is in Our Interest.'

On Tuesday, presidential candidate Constantinos Christofides paid a visit to the CYENS Center of Excellence.

Christofides, accompanied by his associates, had the opportunity to speak with scholars and research scientists, as well as become acquainted with the work of CYENS. At the same time, he was informed about the Nicosia Municipality's Smart City and the Cyprus Space Exploration Organization's Space Integration Laboratory (CSEO).


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