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Car plunges into the sea in Paphos

Man and woman enjoying a moment off the beaten path in Akamas end up falling into the sea


A couple who drove to Akamas to admire the view ended up in the emergency room, with reports saying the female passenger was seriously injured after their parked car moved forward and fell off a cliff.

According to local media, a man and a woman described as permanent residents, drove from Paphos to Lara beach in Akamas where the man parked the vehicle on a downward slope off a rural road.

Reports said the couple stayed in the vehicle to admire the ocean view from above when suddenly, under circumstances that have yet to be determined, the car started moving forward.

The man quickly scrambled within seconds to try and stop the vehicle, but the car plunged off the cliff, falling into the sea from a height of about 30 metres

The man quickly scrambled within seconds to try and stop the vehicle from moving, but the car went off the cliff, falling into the sea from a height of about 30 metres.

Police said the 40-year-old male was able to get out of the vehicle in the water and immediately went to help his female passenger, described by local media as his girlfriend, who was unable to get out on her own.

The man pulled the woman to safety onto some rocks at the bottom of the cliff and went to call for help, with police saying he was spotted after midnight, around 12:30am, walking along a rural road with a fractured pelvis.

Rescuers who rushed to the scene were able to pull the woman to safety, and both were rushed to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital.

Sources told Knews the woman was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit after having breathing problems, with doctors describing her condition as serious. The man also received medical treatment with the couple said to be out of any immediate danger.

Police said they were investigating the incident while it was not fully clear whether the vehicle's engine had been switched off at the time of the incident.

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