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Couple injured after buggy falls off cliff

Local male and female, aged 19, taken to hospital after their quad bike fell off a cliff in Paphos


A young local couple ended up in hospital after they were injured in a quad bike accident in Paphos on Wednesday.

According to local media, a male and female, both Greek Cypriots aged 19, were riding together on a quad bike in Zelemenos area between Tala and Koili, Paphos district.

At one point, under circumstances pending investigation, the young man reportedly lost control of the handlebar causing the quad bike to veer off a dirt road and fall off a cliff.

Reports said the young man and the quad bike went straight to the bottom of the hill, some 40 metres below, while the young woman managed to get off at a higher point of the tiered slope.

Fire fighters who rushed to the scene pulled the man back up. An ambulance took both to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital, where doctors said they had sustained only minor injuries.

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