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Carob wars suspected in car arson attack

Police investigate arson in rural Limassol, suspicious graffiti found near the scene


Police are investigating an apparent arson in rural Limassol where a car was set on fire, with detectives turning their attention to a rather suspicious graffiti found nearby.

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Local media said a car belonging to a 73-year-old male in Pano Kivides, a village north of Limassol, was set on fire in the early morning hours on Thursday.

'The carobs are mine, I’m warning you'

Police said a sedan parked outside a residence was totaled in the fire, which broke out at 3:20am, while the house also sustained some damages.

Officers from Pachna station were investigating the case, with police telling Knews forensic test results were still expected before any other developments.

In the meantime, local media pointed to a rather suspicious graffiti found at the scene, spray painted on an outer stone wall of the residence.

“The carobs are mine, I’m warning you,” the sign read.

Police confirmed a graffiti written in Greek Cypriot dialect was part of the investigation.

No suspects have been named in the case as of Thursday noon.

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