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Man arrested for cutting down trees in revenge

Stroumbi resident grabs chainsaw after his relatives transfer contested woodland to fellow villager


A 56-year-old man was arrested in Paphos following an act of revenge, where he cut down trees because he disapproved of a land transfer.

According to CNA News Agency, the suspect was arrested Thursday evening on malicious damage charges, hours after he had cut down 70 trees in a field in Stroumbi.

The man was reportedly disgruntled over a recent land transfer. He had raised objection over his relatives selling woodland to another 56-year-old man, a fellow villager of the suspect. The relatives co-owned the land and dismissed the objection.

When the sale went through, the suspect approached the buyer and asked to purchase the land. The buyer rejected the offer, prompting the suspect later to grab a chainsaw and proceed to cutting down 70 trees in the newly-bought field.

Paphos CID and the police station in Stroumbi are investigating the case.

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