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Report links Tilliria fires to rejected candidates

Disgruntled job candidates for firefighting retainer positions could be linked to arson


Local reports are drawing links between Tilliria fires and disgruntled candidates who were rejected as retained fire fighters by the Forestry department.

Indications in most cases of forest fires in the northwestern part of Cyprus point to a specific pattern where arsonists pick forested areas, according to Kathimerini Cyprus citing 24 News.

The pattern that has emerged, according to the report, often appears to involve fires in the least accessible parts of the forest and with thick vegetation, usually in the evening hours when most fire fighting aircraft are grounded for the night.

The report says most fires appear to be started by individuals who are familiar with the local area

Sources tell media that the Tilliria fires are linked to the hiring of retained fire fighters on a temporary basis, a part-time job with pay and benefits that could last several months in a year.

According to regulations, temporary hires must be within 18 and 40 years of age and live locally.

But recent arrests in connection with the Tilliria fires have put officials on notice, worrying that arsonists could strike anytime and anywhere with relative ease.

The report also says most fires appear to be started by individuals who are familiar with the local area.

The report came one day after an overnight Tilliria blaze which burned 30 hectares in the area, with officials feeling certain there was mal-intent behind the case based on preliminary tests. 

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