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Police arrest man in suspected arson fires

Senior citizen in custody being questioned over a fuel container in his home


A senior citizen is under arrest in connection with two fires in Limassol’s Kantou area, following a tip to the police who are questioning him about a petrol container in his home.

Police say the man, aged 72, was arrested on suspicions he had something to do with the two fires on Thursday, after officers discovered a petrol container in his residence.

Media reports say police were acting on a tip and that they are questioning the man who is being detained Friday.

Fire Chief Marcos Tragkolas sent a message on social media warning arsonists that they will eventually get caught

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, Fire Chief Marcos Tragkolas sent a message on social media, via his personal account, warning arsonists that they will eventually get caught.

Many forest fires in Cyprus are due to human error or criminal wrongdoing.

More residents in rural areas are getting caught in recent years, involved with fires due to irresponsible or even unsafe behaviour, including burning bushes without taking any precaution.

A recent awareness campaign by authorities seems to be working, as police are now receiving tips about residents who are suspected in having a role in starting or risking a fire.

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