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Carob wars continue at peak harvest season

Farmers discover carobs had been stolen as island’s wars over


Carob wars continue to rage in Limassol after local farmers discovered that someone beat them to their trees as the harvest season was drawing to a close.

According to Sigmalive, farmers in rural Limassol went to pick their carobs over the weekend when they suddenly realized unknown persons got to the trees sooner and stole their harvest.

Last month police investigating an apparent arson turned their attention to a graffiti that read 'the carobs are mine, I’m warning you'

Additional reports said the farmers found evidence such as giant sheets and buckets that were hidden in the area, suggesting the perpetrators were planning to return.

Last month Limassol police said they were investigating an apparent arson in a village in the district, where a car was set on fire, with detectives turning their attention to a graffiti nearby that read '”the carobs are mine, I’m warning you.”

Carbos, known colloquially as teratchia, have been popular in recent times, especially after the financial crisis, with the island’s flowering evergreen “black gold” trees earning farmers somewhere between €50 to €100 per tree without any associated production costs.

There are various uses for teratchia, which contain nearly 50% sugar, typically ranging from dietary to medicinal and ornamental. People in Cyprus including children traditionally were known to eat raw carobs from the tree as dry candy.

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