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Clarifications Min. Health for the new measures - The exceptions for telework

All you need to know regarding lab tests, gathering places, events and Safepass


Source: Announcements

In a written announcement, the Ministry of Health clarified the new measures that were decided upon during yesterday's meeting of the Council of Ministers.

The measures are listed below with clarifications:

a) From Monday, December 6 until January 10, 2022, all passengers entering the Republic of Cyprus through airports will undergo a mandatory PCR test. 

-The cost of the PCR laboratory test will be borne by the passenger (15 euros at Larnaca Airport and 19 euros at Paphos Airport).
All people aged 12 and over will undergo a PCR laboratory test and are required to remain in their place of residence until the result of the test is provided.  In case of a positive result, the passenger will be informed and will be given guidelines.

(b) From Monday, December 6 to December 31, 2021, 20% of staff in a company or organization, whether in the state or private sector, will be required to telework, except for those providing essential services.  See list with an asterisk (*) below.  This percentage should include employees who are absent from work, either on leave, sick leave, or because they are close contacts of a confirmed positive person.  Teleworking will be mandatory in companies/establishments where more than 10 people are employed.

(c) From Monday, December 6 until February 28, 2022, all presentations of reservists and national guardsmen are suspended.

(d) From Monday, December 6 until January 10, 2022, all Christmas or other events inside and outside the malls are suspended.

(e) For any other events that will be held by Municipalities, communities, places of worship or events where the space for the event is provided by the above bodies, the Local Authorities and/or the organizers must comply with the provisions of this Decree as well as the health protocols and guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health. 

-In case of non-compliance found by the audits of the competent services, the event will be suspended immediately.

-Admission to the above events is permitted by presenting a SafePass or a comprehensive vaccination certificate (two doses or one dose in the case of Johnson & Johnson), a Covid- 19 recovery certificate valid for 6 months from the date of testing of their initial positive diagnosis, and either a negative laboratory PCR test or a Rapid Antigen Test.

-Events that will take place in restaurants/hotels can be held, provided that all the protocols that govern the specific areas are observed.

-For events that have already been approved by the Ministry of Health (based on prior decisions), the organizers must comply with the special protocol announced for holding of events.

-For conducting written examinations, conferences, meetings, festivals and sporting events, as mentioned in the decree, approval must be obtained from the Ministry of Health at the following email address:

f) Recommendation not to conduct all school trips by individuals. School trips have already been suspended by previous decisions.

-The recommendation also includes organized student trips to mountain accommodations.

Laboratory tests PCR and Rapid tests by age:

6-11 years old require a negative rapid test on a weekly basis (excluding children 6 years old who attend pre-primary education).

12-17 years old require a negative PCR or Rapid test valid for 72 hours.

18 years and over require a negative laboratory test lasting 72 hours for PCR tests and 48 hours for rapid tests.



Essential services include:

Ministries of Labor, Health, Transport, Finance, Interior, Energy, Justice, Agriculture, Education, Defense, Foreign Affairs, Ministries of Research and Tourism
House of Representatives
Courts and Registries
Legal service
Health Services of the Local Government Authorities and the public and wider public sector
Cyprus Information Service
Police, Fire Department and Prison Department
National Guard
General Accounting Office
Lawyers, law firms and companies
Insurance services
Private and public hospitals, clinics, medical and diagnostic centers
Essential airport and airline services
Telecommunication Companies and Radio Cyprus
Electricity Authority of Cyprus
Water Supply Boards
Desalination Stations
Cyprus Transmission System Operator
Financial Markets and Payments Infrastructure Department
Currency Management Department
Computer science Department
Department of General Administrative Services
Accounting Services and Control Department and the Supervision Department - Crisis Group, of the Central Bank of Cyprus
Cyprus Telecommunications Authority
Cyprus Sports Organization
Human Resources Development Authority
Presidency of the Republic
Secretariat of the Council of Ministers
Port Authority, Ports and Services within Ports
Digital Security Authority
Sewerage Boards
Office of the Commissioner for Regulation of Electronic Communications and Post
Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization
Cyprus Stock Exchange
Local Government Principles
Public Service Committee
Educational Service Committee
Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority
Theatrical Organization of Cyprus, with the exception of the staff who are engaged in theatrical productions for which arrangements are made according to the needs of the producers
Banking services
Maritime sector



Services necessary for the surveillance and management of the Coronavirus pandemic, for the provision of social services and the payment of benefits and other benefits to citizens, the activities of providing private protection and protection systems services, as well as the provision of maintenance and cleaning services in buildings and outdoor departments, as well as departments and public sector officials whose nature of work provides a physical presence for the completion of work on the Recovery and Sustainability Plan.

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