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Clear skies, chance of showers in mountains

Inland temperature soars to 37°C, stable conditions till Thursday

In the latest weather forecast, Monday, 07/03, is expected to bring mainly clear skies with a chance of isolated showers in the mountains during the afternoon. The Meteorology Department predicts that the temperature will reach a high of 37 degrees Celsius inland. However, overall, no significant temperature changes are anticipated until Thursday, as conditions are expected to remain close to average climatic values.

As the day progresses, local thin fog and low clouds will dissipate, giving way to predominantly clear weather. Nevertheless, in the mountainous regions, occasional increased cloudiness is expected, which may lead to isolated showers. Winds will mainly blow from the southwest to the northwest, ranging from weak to moderate, measuring between 3 and 4 on the Beaufort scale. Later in the day, wind conditions may become locally moderate, reaching 4 on the Beaufort scale, and occasionally strengthening to 5 on the Beaufort scale in the southern areas. The sea is forecasted to be slightly rough.

Regarding temperature distribution, inland regions are set to experience the highest values, reaching approximately 37 degrees Celsius. Coastal areas in the north, south, and east will see temperatures around 34 degrees Celsius while remaining coastal regions are expected to reach around 31 degrees Celsius. Higher mountainous areas will be slightly cooler, with temperatures around 29 degrees Celsius.

As the evening approaches, the weather will remain mainly clear, although an increase in low cloud cover is expected, primarily along the coast. Localized thin fog or fog formation is anticipated during the late evening hours. Winds will maintain their general direction from the southwest to northwest, with local variability and weak intensity, measuring 3 on the Beaufort scale. The sea conditions will be calm to slightly rough. Temperatures will decrease, with inland and coastal regions reaching around 22 degrees Celsius and higher mountainous regions cooling to around 18 degrees Celsius.

Looking ahead to Tuesday, the weather is predicted to be predominantly clear. However, in the afternoon and onward, occasionally increased cloudiness is anticipated in the mountains, which could result in isolated showers.

On Wednesday and Thursday, mainly clear conditions are expected to persist.

Overall, the weather forecast indicates stable conditions until Thursday, with no significant temperature fluctuations anticipated. The weather will remain close to the average climatic values, providing a general outlook of consistency for the upcoming days.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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