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Cloudy skies and scattered showers

Intermittent dust and isolated rain


A fluctuating weather pattern is forecasted for the region, as a weak high-pressure system exerts its influence. This system will bring intermittent sparse dust into the atmosphere, impacting the daily weather conditions.

Today's weather outlook reveals a mix of cloud cover, with both partly cloudy and mostly cloudy conditions prevailing. The sky will be adorned with medium to high clouds, and in the afternoon, isolated rain showers are expected in the mountainous areas.

The prevailing winds will primarily blow from the northeast to the southeast, maintaining a light 3 Beaufort intensity. Meanwhile, the sea's surface is predicted to be relatively calm, with a slight chop. As for temperatures, the mercury is set to rise to approximately 33 degrees in the interior regions, around 29 degrees along the coast, and approximately 25 degrees in the higher mountainous regions.

As the day transitions into night, the sky will maintain a partly cloudy appearance. Later on, scattered light showers are expected, particularly in the mountains and northern areas.

Winds will predominantly blow from the northwest to the northeast, remaining light with a 3 Beaufort rating. The sea conditions are forecasted to be calm with a slight chop.

Temperatures will gradually drop, with readings around 18 degrees inland and along the northern coast. Coastal areas, outside the north, can expect temperatures around 20 degrees, while the higher mountainous regions are likely to experience a cooler night with temperatures around 13 degrees.

Looking ahead to Tuesday, the weather will feature a partly cloudy sky filled with mid to high clouds. During midday hours, the cloud cover is expected to intensify, giving rise to isolated showers or potential thunderstorms in the highlands. Tuesday night and early Wednesday will see mostly cloudy conditions, accompanied by localized light showers. As Wednesday progresses, isolated showers and thunderstorms may occur.

Thursday brings a similar forecast, with the likelihood of isolated showers and isolated thunderstorms, primarily affecting the mountainous regions, inland areas, and the northeast.

Throughout this period, temperatures are not expected to undergo significant changes, remaining above average climatological values. These weather fluctuations underscore the region's dynamic meteorological conditions, requiring residents and travelers to stay updated on the latest forecasts.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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