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Cloudy skies and showers expected

Temperatures will gradually decrease until Thursday


Hold onto your umbrellas, Cyprus! Cloudy weather with a chance of showers is on the horizon for Tuesday, as reported by the Meteorological Service.

The day will start with predominantly cloudy skies across the island, with medium and high cloud cover. Later in the day, locals can anticipate scattered light showers, mainly in coastal areas, possibly accompanied by thunderstorms.

Temperature-wise, it's expected to reach around 19 degrees Celsius inland, approximately 21 degrees Celsius along the coastlines, and about 11 degrees Celsius in the higher mountainous regions.

Looking ahead to tonight, the skies will remain mostly cloudy with isolated showers expected. After midnight, localized showers and scattered thunderstorms are forecasted, with the possibility of hail.

Temperatures will drop to around 11 degrees Celsius inland and in the northern coastal areas, around 15 degrees Celsius in the eastern and western coastal regions, approximately 13 degrees Celsius in other coastal areas, and around 5 degrees Celsius in the higher elevations.

As for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, expect partly to occasionally cloudy skies with localized showers and isolated thunderstorms. Temperatures will gradually decrease until Thursday, hovering around average climatological values, while Friday is anticipated to remain relatively stable.

Stay tuned for further updates as the week progresses, and don't forget to keep those raincoats handy!

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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