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Co-op investigators can go as far back as they want

Investigative committee to examine possible wrongdoing in Cyprus Cooperative Bank begins Monday


The newly-assigned co-op investigators, handpicked by the attorney general to look into the recent troubled past of the Cyprus Cooperative Bank, will have no time limits in what events they choose to examine.

The committee will have limitless authority in investigating any suspicious dealings that took place in the troubled Cypriot co-op, including events that go as far back as according to the discretion of the investigators.

The committee will be headed by George Arestis, who is currently sitting on the bench at Qatar International Court, assisted by two other members, economist Georgios Charalambous and banker George Georgiou.

The attorney general expects to have results submitted to him within three months but he also said another 3-month extension would be possible if it becomes necessary.

The three members will be sworn in on Monday and immediately begin their work.

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