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Distracted cop drives off with gun on roof

Drivers shocked to find a pistol in the middle of an urban street in Limassol


Drivers in Limassol’s Ypsona area were puzzled over a handgun they found in the middle of the street, which turned out to belong to a police officer.

According to local reports, drivers noticed the handgun in the middle of the road in the Ayios Silas area. They quickly placed a barrel over the gun in order to alert other drivers while calling the police.

But things got bizarre when cops arrived, with no official explanation being given about the incident. 

It later emerged that the handgun belonged to a police officer, who left his pistol on the car roof before getting inside and driving away.

Local reports said the distracted cop appears to have driven some distance before making a turn, at which point the handgun fell to the ground and the unsuspecting cop kept going. 

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