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Competition authority actions ‘unfortunate and unnecessary’

President Anastasiades said that he opposes any actions that affect the free will of health service providers or any citizen


According to a Presidency announcement, the President of the Republic immediately after his arrival from Geneva has asked for a thorough briefing on the investigation launched by the Commission for the Protection of Competition on the members of the board of directors of the Pancyprian Medical Association.

The President said that while he respects the trade union freedoms and the provisions of the legislation governing the establishment and operation of the GHS, he considers the Commission's initiative to be completely unfortunate and unnecessary.

Anastasiades also pointed out that the GHS is a duty of the state to citizens and constitutes a social achievement embraced by the public and the majority of those involved in its implementation without any coercion.

Concluding, Anastasiades clarified that any measures that affect the free will of health service providers or any citizen finds the President of the Republic ''categorically and strictly opposed to such initiatives''.

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