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Condition unknown for man in scooter crash

No updates on foreign national on scooter hit by car at pedestrian crossing in Limassol


A young man’s condition remained unknown after he was struck by a car in Limassol as he was crossing the street on an electric scooter.

According to police, a 22-year-old male in Limassol was struck by an oncoming vehicle while he was trying to cross a street at a pedestrian crossing on Wednesday night, around 9:30pm. He was rushed to the Emergency Room at Limassol General Hospital in critical condition.

Police confirmed the incident took place at a crosswalk but declined to comment on whether light signals were used, citing the ongoing investigation

The incident took place at a pedestrian crossing equipped with light signals, when a car driven by a 30-year-old Greek Cypriot man struck the man on a scooter under circumstances still pending investigation.

Sources told Knews the man riding the scooter was described as a foreign national living and working in the Republic of Cyprus. He was said to be in critical condition on Thursday while no update was available on Friday.

Police confirmed the incident took place at a crosswalk but declined to comment on whether the man on the scooter had made use of the lights, citing the ongoing investigation.

Doctors who were treating the foreign man said on Thursday he had suffered a severe head trauma and remained in critical condition. 

Police told Knews no arrests were made in connection with the incident. 

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