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Controversy surrounds Pyla project and UN response

Tatar addresses Dduble standards on Pyla issue

Newsroom / CNA

The leader of the Turkish Cypriot community, Ersin Tatar, welcomed the new head of the General Staff of Turkey, General Metin Gkiourakos, at the "presidential" office.

As reported in the occupied areas, referring to the first visit of the new Turkish Chief of Staff to the occupied regions and the collaboration maintained between the Turkish Cypriot community and the Turkish Armed Forces, addressing Mr. Gkiourakos, Mr. Tatar also focused on the matter of Pyla, raising the question, "Where were the United Nations when pilot Cengiz Topel was killed and massacres were carried out in the villages where Turkish Cypriots were killed?"

Explaining their desire to construct a road in Pyla to address the concerns of local residents, Mr. Tatar stated that despite the fact that Greek Cypriots built roads, buildings, and a university in Pyla, there was opposition when Turkish Cypriots attempted to build a road.

According to Mr. Tatar, in the issue of Pyla, "there are double standards, and the goal of the other side is to reduce the Turkish Cypriot population in Pyla and transform the mixed village into a completely Greek Cypriot village."

Mr. Tatar also reiterated his well-known positions on the Cyprus issue.

On his part, General Gkiourakos mentioned that Cyprus is a national matter for Turkey, which will continue to stand by the Turkish Cypriot "people."

Furthermore, he stated that "the behavior of the UN Peacekeeping Force towards the projects initiated for purely humanitarian needs in Pyla is unacceptable." He also condemned the attack on the Ottoman mosque in Limassol.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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