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Paphos grants Honorary Citizenship to Senator Menendez

Senator Menendez urged to champion education, healthcare, and housing

Charalambos Stylianou

In a distinguished ceremony held on August 25, 2023, at the grandeur of Paphos Town Hall, the Municipality of Paphos conferred the title of honorary citizen upon esteemed US Senator Robert Menendez. The event marked a notable occasion where Senator Menendez was also presented with the Key to the city, a token emblem of high regard and honor.

Mayor Phedonos made sure to mention the historical ties between American and Greek civilizations.

This recognition stands as a testament to Senator Menendez's unwavering dedication, exemplified during his tenure as a distinguished member of the US Senate. The accolade also underscores his unwavering support for ending the Turkish presence in Cyprus, championing human rights, and striving towards a viable solution for the country's unification.

Mayor Phedonas Phedonos of Paphos delivered a notable address, shining a spotlight on Senator Menendez's pivotal role in shaping US foreign policy. "Your role is vital, as I believe you are one of the main architects of US foreign policy," Mayor Phedonos remarked.

"We honored you because your words and actions sustain the hope that your great country will actively and decisively strive for a safer world that progresses through freedom, democracy, and justice," Mayor Phedonos continued.

The Mayor's speech also encapsulated an urgent call to action, urging Senator Menendez to leverage his influence to invite substantial investments in university education, high-quality healthcare services, and housing initiatives catering to socially vulnerable citizens.

Mayor Phedonos made sure to mention the historical ties between American and Greek civilizations. This dynamic underpinned the United States' pivotal role in promoting democracy, human rights, and stability across Turkey and the broader region.

The climax of the ceremony arrived with a poignant symbolic act – the formal designation of Senator Menendez as an Honorary Citizen of Paphos. This symbol encapsulated the city's profound gratitude and its collective aspiration for a future marked by collaborative efforts, progressive strides, and enduring harmony.

The ceremony also projected a compelling vision – a region fortified by security and cohesion, hinging upon Turkey's transformation into a modern democratic entity, characterized by a steadfast commitment to human rights and international norms, was envisaged as the cornerstone for a secure and harmonious region.

In sum, the ceremony stood as an eloquent expression of gratitude and acknowledgment, encapsulating the Municipality of Paphos' deep appreciation and its optimistic outlook for a world characterized by mutual collaboration, forward momentum, and lasting serenity.

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