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22 June, 2024
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Cool and stormy weekend on the way

Mostly clear weather quickly turns into cooler, cloudy, wet weather through weekend


Don’t be fooled by mostly clear weather initially on Friday, as clouds and rain are on their way later in the day, with a chance of rain and thunderstorms well into Saturday.

Weather will start initially as mostly clear in the morning even though some clouds will form in the northern and western coastal areas.

Maximum weekend temperatures are expected to reach mid-20’s, while Monday will see the thermometer rise again

But later there will be a higher chance of rain showers and isolated thunderstorms, mainly in the southeastern and northern parts of the island.

High temperatures on Friday will reach 28° Celsius inland, around 25° on the southern and eastern coasts, 21° in the west and northern parts of the island, and 17° up in the mountains.

In the evening, weather will remain mostly clear with temperatures dropping to 13° inland and all around the coastal regions, while it will be 9° on the mountains.

Wet and cool Saturday

Rain showers and isolated thunderstorms are also expected on Saturday, mainly out west, with temperatures dropping more noticeably inland and at higher elevations.

Weekend maximum temperatures are expected to reach mid-20’s both Saturady and Sunday, while Monday will see the thermometer rise again.

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