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22 July, 2024
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Cypriots enjoy sunny April weather

Warm, mostly clear weather expected to last through Friday


Cypriots are catching a break with April temperatures reaching over 30 degrees, as warm and mostly clear weather for the next few days could look quite different as rain potentially sets in Friday.

Despite cloud formations in the upper atmosphere and low dust levels in the air, weather is mostly clear with very low concentrations of dust and only partly cloudy skies in the early part of the day.

High temperatures on Tuesday will reach 31° Celsius inland, around 26° on the coast all around the island, and 23° on the mountains.

In the evening, weather will remain mostly clear with temperatures dropping to 15° inland and all around the coastal regions, while it will be 11° on the mountains.

No significant change is expected for Wednesday and Thursday, except a slight temperature drop inland, but more clouds will set in Friday morning with some areas possibly being hit by isolated thunderstorms.

No dust alerts have been issued.

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